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QoinSuit-What is it?

QoinIQ is a team of highly experienced finance professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the crypto market. The company performed extensive market research & analysis only to find out that many trading platforms lacked the tools and features required for trading efficiently and effortlessly. That triggered the idea of creating and launching the highly innovative QoinSuit cryptocurrency trading platform.

In essence, the QoinSuit platform offers an unmatched suite of crypto trading services for every financial actor by bringing and making them accessible via a single trading tool. It is this approach that has allowed QoinIQ to offer unparalleled execution efficiency.


The cryptocurrency investing market witnessed a bull run, which lasted until Jan 2018. However, later both experienced and inexperienced traders, as well as investors, were left surprised as the market went through deep and violent corrections. Due to the lack of efficient money management, many investors, as well as funds that held digital assets, witnessed significant impairments.

Given the scenario, QoinIQ resolved to launch a unique platform packed with features, which were not being offered by any other cryptocurrency trading platforms. QoinIQ’s highly innovative QoinSuit cryptocurrency investing & trading platform provides a host of features including, decentralized order management and market overviews, among others. The platform has been crafted with the sole aim of facilitating digital currency trading activities between market participants.


Features of the QoinSuit Platform

QoinSuit offers a host of features that allow cryptocurrency traders to simplify their processes and access trading tools for effective risk management. The platform provides the following innovative features:

Decentralized order management

QoinSuit’s decentralized order management functionality resides within its secure servers. It allows traders to operate on complete autonomy through managing orders that are different from those being provided by any other exchange, thereby establishing fresh standards of IT and security excellence.

Multi-book trading

With multi-book crypto trading functionality, traders can choose what data they want to be displayed and what financial vehicles they wish to negotiate. As a result, traders can benefit from mispricing within the same cryptocurrency among different cryptocurrency trading exchanges. With multi-book trading, traders can also exercise complete control over order management on futures, spot cryptocurrencies, options simultaneously.

High-frequency trading

QoinSuit also introduces a unique scalper book, a tool created for traders and investors that offers high operational capacity. The scalper book will feature APIs for supporting smooth interfacing with 3rd party programs for high-frequency crypto trading.

Margin Trading

QoinSuit also allows traders to take advantage of margin trading, as well as manage short-selling activities in case their preferred exchange supports it.

Simultaneous Market Overviews

Another huge benefit of the QoinSuit platform is that it allows users to switch screens or open more than one window in just one display. It further enables traders to operate in different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Traders can access a horizontal book to acquire personalized overviews of the cryptocurrencies available in all exchanges.

Extended conditional orders

This feature allows traders to manage their orders by introducing distinctive conditions. It also assists traders to execute crypto trading strategies which without the QoinSuit platform may not have been possible. Traders can are also able to manage all their orders, such as stop loss or take profit or even trailing stop, directly from their order books but with different parameters, compared to what is available in the crypto marketplace. For instance, in just one click, traders can enter into as many as three orders at once in different market conditions which ordinarily is not possible. Apart from this, QoinSuit also makes it possible to manage their conditional trade orders separately, designing real crypto trading strategies. Using this strategy, traders can safeguard their positions profits even when they are away from their terminals.


While other Multi-exchange trading platforms do not offer scope for short sales, even when the preferred exchange allows it, traders don’t get to manage their portfolios on margin. This particular aspect has been highly prioritized in the design & development of the QoinSuit, multi-exchange platform. Nowadays many people own more than one exchange, for various reasons because not all cryptocurrencies are found only on one exchange, or not all offer low commissions or not all exchanges have advanced systems for trading and QoinSuit platform helps the trader to manage the various exchanges from a single platform.

Compare Price in Real-time

When it comes to cryptocurrency investing and trading, finding the ideal moment for placing an order is what traders need to earn attractive profits. With QoinSuit’s market scan feature, traders can quickly analyze and monitor trends and compare real-time prices for different cryptocurrencies. It further allows them to trade when prices are attractive and even exploit opportunities for arbitrage between exchanges.

Graphic Tool

The graphic tool is easy to customize and offers several tools or indicators for technical analysis. The graphic tool also provides access to multiple tools such as Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracements, Elliot tools, RSI, time zones, MACD, Aroon oscillator, etc.

Portfolio Window

The portfolio window feature, on the other hand, displays all the orders that you have executed, real-time profit & loss, quantity, price, etc. It also displays the wallet type used. Additionally, traders can enter the conditional orders directly through the portfolio window using the “Adv order” functionality. Apart from this, the conditional orders being individually entered are displayed separately through the same functionality. Traders can also use the portfolio window to place their partial orders and for monitoring their existing position size continuously.


QoinSuit also offers a toolbar (on the screen top) that features icons for fast access to crucial features such as portfolio, watchlist, orders, open desktop configuration previously saved, save new configurations, and alter personal settings, as well as log out.

Order Types

With QoinSuit, things are different. QoinSuit has considered this particular aspect, enabling traders to manage their positions. QoinSuit has introduced its all-new trading book that includes certain features that allow traders to not only enter into conditional orders like take profit, stop loss and trailing stop, but also acquire the right perception about their gain or loss. Using QoinSuit’s trading book, traders can set the price parameter and the profit/loss percentage on their preferred currency.

Thus, traders can use the cryptocurrency investing & trading platform to launch their orders directly through the books and set conditional orders simultaneously. They can also place their conditional orders via adv order on the portfolio window. Orders placed via QoinSuit are sent by QoinIQ’s server to the trader’s connected exchange. Traders looking to place their orders can choose the account and exchange, which they intend to engage with, directly through the book. The platform shall manage all their orders simultaneously on different crypto exchanges.

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